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Audio is one of the most powerful emotional triggers known to modern civilisation. Critical to creating an immersive and enjoyable atmosphere the right audio can be the outlier in a restaurant’s success. No matter the venue size or dining area, good quality audio systems have the power to bring a restaurant to life, attract customers, increase time spent and encourage repeat business by delivering a better customer experience through sound.


A good restaurant provides an escape for its customers. A vacation from home where they can socialise and have a good time. These patrons more than any other do not want to be distracted by poor and disruptive audio cutting short their socialising and overall enjoyment of their experience. 

Clarity, accuracy, and performance of the frequencies themselves are what turn a good system to a great system. With the added impact of excellent music curation, the outcome of a great audio system is that patrons are more likely to stay, and more likely to spend.

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While interior spaces are covered, venues tend to neglect the quality of the audio systems for their outside dining experience. This is likely due to outdoor areas having a different set of challenges when compared to interior spaces as they are easier controlled environments.

Outdoor settings are exposed to the elements. This means not having the correct speakers can cost more than investing in fit for purpose solutions. By building a unified system with both indoor and outdoor audio atmospheres taken into consideration, you can create a complete audio atmosphere covering all parts of your business.

Intuitive Control System

With a centralised control system, staff members can spend less time looking for remotes and more time mixing drinks. Also, they can quickly manage all of A/V systems from a single remote or tablet.



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