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Whole Hom Solutions


Building intelligence and entertainment

Technology integration and automation allows you to have multiple audio, visual, lighting, security and shading systems in your home to communicate and respond to your very own specific commands. With one touch, you can dim the lights, stream high-resolution music in just one room or throughout the house, turn up the heat, lock the doors or arm the security system when you are away. And you can check in on your home no matter where you are in the world!

But what about all the different remotes to control all the different systems and devices? A good control system takes away a coffee table full of remote controls, it can also reduce the number of light switches you have on your walls, even security and air conditioning panels from the wall, and be simple, clean and intuitive for everyone in the family to use.

Home automation systems often consist of one or more central touch screens that can integrate with all the connected devices and operate the whole house. Personal iPhones, and iPads can also be controllers so every family member can have instant access.




As lighting technology rapidly evolves, the need for an end-to-end lighting technology specialist has never been more important. Our experience in lighting control is provided to architects, interior designers, builders & developers, and end users. We offer a holistic end-to-end lighting design solution working with you or your lighting designer directly.



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Automation isn’t just for lighting. Automation links the control of lights, blinds, temperature, audio and video into one action button — what we refer to as a scene. 


For example, at the entrance of your home, a keypad with a 'Home' button might turn on the kitchen and/or living room lights along with the lights in the passage leading to those rooms. The same 'Home' button can also be programmed to turn on the TV, turn on your favourite music station or play favourite playlist in the kitchen and living room. 



Motorised curtains and blinds are silent and move with synchronicity. We have blind fabrics that cater for any application — heat reflective, block-out, sheer, decorative, whatever you desire, we can find the right solution for you.



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Our motorised curtains and blinds are so silent you would be pleasantly surprised to not experience the sound of noisy shade motors when you open or close them.


The blinds contain a microchip that talks to one another so all blind movements in the same zone are identical and move at the same speed, like a beautiful piece of art installation.




Climate control, like lighting and music is set up in zones to allow greater control in creating the right temperature in different parts of our homes for the most comfortable setting.


Climate Control

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HVAC Integration

With an integrated HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) System, you can maintain the ideal temperature for each zone separately so you are not wasting energy heating or cooling rooms that are not in use. With the Crestron Home Automation System, you are able to connect other devices such as lights and shades. For example, if the temperature rises during the day, the new Crestron Horizon Thermostats can work with the motorised blinds to lower the shades, saving energy rather than turning on the air conditioning. 

Alternatively, you can control it remotely, removing any concerns of whether the heating or lights were left on. 



Secure your home through a smart home security system with technology that is more comprehensive than ever before. 

We offer a range of services to allow you peace of mind that your property is safe, including high-quality CCTV cameras, video doorbells, smart locks, lighting systems and much more. Through an app on your phone or tablet, you have 24/7 remote access to CCTV video feeds and full control over smart locks on doors and windows.

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Access control

Have total control of your home so you know who is coming or going at any time on any day, with notifications sent to your phone, plus access to historic logged activities.


Individual codes can be given to family members while restricted codes can be given to the gardener for exterior access only, to the cleaner for access on Tuesdays between 3pm and 5pm, or to delivery couriers where codes expire after use.


Alternatively, when a guest arrives, you can see and speak with them through the intercom from your phone, unlock the gate and the front door to let them in, or instruct the courier to leave your deliveries at your door.

Now that is peace of mind!


Smart Home

Smart home technology allows you multi-room control over all of your audio and video systems. Effortlessly play any music or television in any room with your smart device or controller. More importantly it means connected to the internet (preferably hard wired) to allow high resolution streaming services to play glitch-free.

Beyond this, installation options like hidden TVs and speakers mean that you need not compromise on style for quality. Technology is always available but hidden away when you don’t want to use it.

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Private Cinemas

Descriptive metadata accompanies every Dolby Atmos soundtrack, specifying the exact placement of audio objects. Dolby Atmos is highly scalable. You can play a Dolby Atmos movie and get spatial effects on nearly any speaker configuration in a Dobly Atmos configuration, and adding speakers increases the precision of the audio placement. Combined with lots of power and a 200 Inch acoustically transparent screen, your private cinema will be the envy of your friends. 

Bespoke golf simulators

Engolfed is a subsidiary of Connected Homes and offers a full indoor Golf Studio Simulator design and installation service. Engolfed handles all aspects of your bespoke project from concept to construction, to client handover, leaving you with one point of contact from start to finish.

The floor to ceiling projection screen doubles as a cinema screen. Distribute some beanbags on the 'turf' and create your own indoor "outdoor cinema"



The network is the foundation of every smart home and enables all of your smart devices to connect to the internet without interfering with each other. 


Our experience in networks and the brands that deliver, along with our understanding of network requirements allows us to deliver a truly optimised solution.

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Video Game Controllers
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GoFi nbn

GoFi is a subsidiary of Connected Homes and has partnered with Aussie Broadband to deliver our customers a fast and reliable NBN service that is 100% Australian owned with home-grown Australian support.

Our Melbourne-based IT provides you with prompt ongoing support when you need it. We are committed to taking away the daily frustrations of drop outs and interferences you can get with inferior networks. 

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