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Home Theatres & Private Cinemas




It is important to distinguish between a multi-use media room where the lighting control is achieved through closing the blinds and the screen can be seen while cooking dinner with that of a dedicated theatre room in your home where every detail in the room from the floor to ceiling curved projection screen, the acoustic panelling, curtain and window treatments, seats, speakers, subs, amps all serve a purpose of creating a professional quality home cinema. 

For more details and information on home cinemas, visit our CinemaKing website.



Many homeowners are turning outdoor spaces into luxurious entertainment areas. Outdoor TVs or large projection screens with projectors, and speakers installed around patios, pools and spas have transformed ordinary outdoor spaces into exciting outdoor living areas.

For more information on designing your outdoor cinema, visit our CinemaKing website.


Residential apartment complexes are starting to provide luxury entertainment for residents to enjoy. Australians love entertainment and these additional amenities are fast becoming the choice of many Australians. Private cinemas in these complexes bring you commercial cinema quality in your private space with the added benefit of being able to stream online movies from streaming sources such as Kaleidescape, Apple Movies, Netflix and more.

For more information on designing your private cinema, visit our CinemaKing website.

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Most people have a different idea of how they would use a cinema room, therefore, cinema design begins with defining the purpose of the cinema room. Once that has been established, our in-house designers design the perfect space taking into consideration the positioning and height of projection screens, speakers seating etc.

Our all encompassing design includes projection screen and projector, mounting systems, speakers, curtains, acoustic panelling, flooring, seating, equipment and the media rack.

For more information on designing your cinema, visit our CinemaKing website.

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