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HVAC Integration

What is a HVAC system? HVAC is a common term used by people in the heating and cooling industry. HVAC stands for “Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. These mechanical systems provide thermal comfort and air quality. Your HVAC system could include a central heating solution and air conditioning for the whole home, a heat pump, a furnace or boiler for hydronic panels and/or in-floor heating, under tile heating and heat recovery ventilation systems or a complete packaged system.


Unfortunately each of these systems come with their own on-wall control panels and thermostats and often, they end up located next to each other creating wall acne.


The Crestron Home system integration allows temperature control and adjustments from virtually anywhere by using a Crestron touch screen, handheld remote, or mobile app especially if you are away from home. Specifically, Crestron DIN‑THSTAT is a versatile heating, cooling and relative‑humidity thermostat that provides control of radiant floor heat, forced air, and heat pump HVAC systems. Its DIN rail mounting allows for installation in an equipment cabinet, keeping the living areas free from a wall of mounted thermostats. Small, unobtrusive remote temperature and humidity sensors gather the environmental conditions from the room and transmit the data to the DIN‑THSTAT. 



Horizon Thermostat

With their ultra-slim profile and luxurious aesthetic, Horizon smart thermostats are always neat and discreet, while also delivering advanced functionality.

  • Intuitive control and bright high-resolution touch screen makes settings as easy to see as they are to adjust

  • Touch screen displays in light and/or dark mode

  • Light sensor adjusts display brightness and switches to dark mode at night

  • Built-in proximity sensor eliminates need to swipe or touch to wake up thermostat

  • Quick-look RGB backlit status bar indicates current status and provides sophisticated design accent

  • No batteries, so you’ll never return home or wake up to a too hot or cold house because the batteries ran out

  • Silent operation


We are all unique with characteristics and behaviours that define who we are. So applying the same uniform expectations on people’s’ needs is simply unthinkable. Mum might like her space toasty warm, dad might like the room a little cooler and the kids might not even notice! Rooms within a home have similar properties. The family or games room downstairs might need a little more heat to keep it warm but the kitchen and living areas might need less heating especially while appliances are in use and generating heat.


Native Integration

Horizon thermostats are part of the complete Crestron smart home solution. You get convenient, consistent control from anywhere via the Crestron Home app. Easily set them up to automatically adjust temperature and humidity to ensure optimal comfort, convenience, and energy savings throughout the day.

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With an integrated HVAC System, you can maintain the ideal climate for each zone separately.  Universal programmable thermostats are designed for seamless integration of HVAC control with the ability to control one of two-stage heating and cooling systems, including conventional fossil fuel systems and heat pumps with auxiliary heat. The ability to control and maintain a steady temperature reduces your energy bills, which in turn reduces your carbon footprint. Save on energy usage by utilising the occupancy based automation settings — there is no need to run your system full force if no one is home.


Smart Thermostats deliver comfort, convenience and energy savings.

Another great feature of home automation HVAC systems is the ability to program different scenes or settings. Simply open up the app for your thermostat system to set the pre-programmed “Away” Scene, or the “Go to Sleep” setting and your heating and cooling system automatically adjust to your preferences.


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