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It's in the details


All system designs focus on reliability, usability and aesthetics. The audio visual (AV), security and technology systems provide a consistent, intuitive and seamless user experience. The technologies used will provide options for future scalability and upgrades.

The selection and integration of equipment has been made with consideration to the architectural aesthetic to ensure the system blends in with the surrounding environment.



The home automation and control system is designed to fit together seamlessly, allowing you to manage, monitor, and control your entire system from one touchscreen or smart device. A network enabled asset management platform is included to enable Connected Homes to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot faults as well as provide first level help desk functionality. The system will also provide detailed statistics on system usage, equipment downtime, energy usage and service intervals. 


All nominated equipment is fit for purpose and is designed and manufactured for high-end residential and commercial use. 


Audio visual equipment, security and technology systems in a high-end residential environment is typically upgraded every 5-7 years. All systems have been designed with spare capacity and provisions for upgrades and integration to future technologies. Non-proprietary cabling infrastructure will be specified, and where possible and accessible, cable ducting will be provided to allow for an uncomplicated upgrade path.

All proposed audio visual (AV), security and technology systems are managed by Connected Homes who will supply, install, commission and provide support for the equipment. 


All AV infrastructure will be designed to support high-res audio and digital video technology up to 4K resolution. High speed Internet connectivity will be provisioned for ensuring there is a future cable path from the street to the comms room or equipment rack. 


Design of all systems takes into consideration the whole of life costs to the project. In addition to the capital expenditure, the following operational costs will be considered when selecting final equipment:

  • Energy usage

  • Cost of spare parts and availability

  • Reliability of equipment

  • Licensing and subscription fees

  • Staff and specialist skills required to manage/maintain equipment


All configuration files, programming source codes and digital content produced as part of the project will be submitted to the client at the completion of the project.


When selecting equipment, an emphasis has been placed on equipment energy usage, heat dissipation and options for ‘eco mode’ / Green Star accreditation.


Systems have been designed to comply with current Australian Standards, BCA requirements, AVIXA and industry adopted best practice.

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