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Intercom Anywhere lets you talk with anyone at the front door and activate a home automation scene with the touch of a button from anywhere in the world.

Control4 has released the new Intercom Anywhere app for iOS and Android. It shows live video of who’s at the door much faster than any other doorbell app on the market AND it lets you launch custom programming to unlock the door, turn on lights, etc.  Plus it includes smartphone to touch screen intercom communication from wherever you are.

I am sure you have heard the term “smart home” before but these are the smarts that make your home technology really useful. It also adds a new layer of security because most snooping burglars call your door bell first to see if anyone is home and you can answer the door like you are there.

Modern video doorbell products allow the use of mobile phones to see and talk to visitors at the door, but only Control4 Intercom Anywhere supports additional customisable programming. For example, while in an Intercom Anywhere call, the user can turn on lights, unlock the door, open the gate or garage, disarm or trigger the alarm, or any other action uniquely enabled by the Control4 automation system.

Check out this video on how Control4’s Intercom Anywhere works.

If you are interested and would like understand what is required to upgrade your existing system to Control4 Intercom Anywhere or your would like to take the first steps towards home automation, call us on 1300 546 933.

Let’s face it who wouldn’t want to be able to answer their Intercom from anywhere in the world and also have the ability to control access of your home. Imagine being able to unlock your door, turn on the lights and much more, simply from the press of a button on your phone or smart device!

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