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Our brief for the Love Shack is to create the ultimate entertainer’s home. From hifi to wifi, home security to climate control, Connected Homes is so passionate about automation and entertainment — we consider it an art form.

The Love Shack is made up of 8 independent audio zones and 5 video zones with Sony 4K TVs running on the Triad-Sonos music system, which can be used independently or grouped together as one big party zone.



We divide the home into zones to accommodate each family member’s lifestyle preference.

From a lighting point of view, you can create scenes suitable for work, play, dinner parties or movie nights including the dropping of blinds for privacy or protection from the sun, or opening of curtains to enjoy the view.

From an energy management point of view, this allows you to warm or cool only the rooms that you need, to your preferred temperature. 

When it comes to entertainment, you can have a movie on in the TV room, a cooking show in the kitchen, dinner music playlist on in the outdoor dining area and soothing tunes in the bedroom while the baby sleeps. And when the evening is done and its time to retire, one button “ALL OFF” or “GOODNIGHT” will draw the curtains, turn all off the lights, the TV, the music and the heating or cooling in the house while you lie in bed and all you have to is close your eyes and dream!


Entertainment and automation zones in The Love Shack include:

  1.       Living Room — Music / 4K TV / Automated Lighting and Blinds / Climate Control

  2.       Kitchen / Dining Room — Music / 4K TV / Automated Lighting and Blinds / Climate Control

  3.       Office — Music / Climate Control

  4.       Master Bedroom & Ensuite — Music / 4K TV / Automated Lighting and Blinds / Climate Control

  5.       TV Room — Music / 4K TV / Automated Lighting and Blinds / Climate Control

  6.       Outdoor Dining & Living — Music / CCTV

  7.       Alfresco — Music / CCTV

  8.       Pool Area — Music / CCTV


We undertake the challenge of outfitting every room with the best automation and entertainment options to fit the home and then bring order to everything so that it works under one unified system, to make the technology as convenient as possible for our clients. We hide the wires and tuck all the necessary components into a neatly-organised AV rack.


  • Managed IT Network

  • Internet NBN

  • Intelligent Lighting Control

  • Motion Sensor Lighting

  • Alarm Security System

  • High Definition CCTV

  • Multi-room Audio

  • Commercial Legal Streaming Services

  • Multi-room TV Zones with Video Distribution

  • Outdoor Living Surround Sound

  • Pool and Garden Sound System

  • Access Control to Home and Property Gate

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