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FromHereOn believes that the experience of how we work, where we work and with whom we work are central to achieving the best possible outcomes, and they wanted a workplace that will reflect just that.

Our role was to provide systems that are not just functional and practical but to showcase how technology highlights the FromHereOn skill set. And following on from a great presentation is a celebration and this work space knows how to celebrate with rich powerful HiRes music in every room.

This workplace technology is also focussed on providing the best possible service to clients: the main door intercom system calls the office managers mobile if it isn’t answered by a staff member. The lighting is automated and includes programmed scenes to suit a variety of work, presentation and moody lighting scenes.

Video presentations can be streamed around the office to various viewing rooms, video conference calls can be held on an iPad, connect in to the 75” TV in the bar or on a bean bag in the cinema. The various spaces are not just for work but also to rejuvenate and inspire creativity.

The combined efforts of all involved led to FromHereOn winning the Gold award for Co-Working and Studio Space at the 2018 DRIVENxDESIGN Sydney Awards.

“This is important to me, not for the award itself, but because it’s industry recognition of the courage and creativity of our team and our partners to push further. We’ve gone beyond traditional co-work and beyond activity-based working to create the home of work – a place where our team loves being and where our clients can step into a new headspace to generate fresh thinking.”

– Hugh Evans, Chief Executive Officer at FromHereOn

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