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SONOS One User Guide

Sonos One has Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built right in so you can use your voice to start and control the music on Sonos—

  • Perfect fit for shelves, counters, and snug spaces or mounted to a wall, ceiling or speaker stand.

  • Touch controls let you adjust volume, play and pause, or skip through songs.

  • Pair two Sonos Ones for left-right stereo sound, or use two Sonos Ones as rear surrounds for your home theatre.

  • Works with either Sonos S2 or Sonos S1 (for Android and iOS).


Volum Control

  • Touch and hold to quickly change the volume:

  • Volume up (right); Volume down (left).

Note:You can also use the Sonos app, voice control, or your TV remote.


  • Press once to play or pause music.

  • Press and hold to add the music that’s playing in another room.


  • Swipe right across the touch controls to skip to the next song.

  • Swipe left to go to the previous song.

Note:You can’t skip forward or go back when listening to a radio station.

Microphone indicator

  • Tap the microphone light to turn the microphone on or off.

  • When the light is on, voice control is on and you can use voice commands.

  • When the light is off, voice control is off.

Note:If the light is off, you can press and hold the Microphone indicator to talk to your voice service. Release the button to turn voice control off again.

Status light

  • Indicates the status.

If the light is distracting, you can turn it off in your room’s settings.

Note: If you don’t want anyone (like a child) to control playback or change the volume using the speaker touch controls, you can disable them in the room’s settings.

Connector panel


Press to connect during setup.

Ethernet port

Use an Ethernet cable if you want to connect to a router, computer, or network-attached storage (NAS) device (optional).

AC power (mains) input

Use only the supplied power cord (using a third-party power cord will void your warranty).

Note:Insert the power cord firmly until it is flush with the bottom of the speaker.

Select a location

You can put your speaker just about anywhere. Here’s a few guidelines:

  • Sonos One sounds great even when placed next to a wall or on a shelf. For best performance, leave at least 1" (2.5 cm) space around the back of the speaker.

  • It’s humidity-resistant so you can use it in the bathroom.

  • It’s not water-resistant so don’t put it near water or leave it in the rain.

Speaker mounts and stands

For wall mount kits or stands, tailored to perfectly fit your Sonos products, call us for enquiry .

Microphone on/off

  • Touch [mic icon] to turn the microphone on and off. (If you don’t have a voice service installed, the microphone is inactive.)

  • When the microphone light is on, voice control is on and your voice assistant is ready to respond. When the microphone light is off, voice control is off.

Note: If you’ve installed a voice service and the microphone is off, you can still use voice commands. Just press and hold [mic icon] —no need to start with a wake word. When you release the microphone button, voice control turns off again.

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