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Security cameras are becoming a more common thought in homes as the number of burglaries rise, and so is the number of different types of security cameras that are coming on the market. With all these varieties and choices, what do we pick? Who should we use? Wireless cameras sound cool, but how do they compare with traditional cameras? And what about monitoring companies?

Security cameras are great and they give us instant access to what is happen at and round our home while we are at work or overseas, keeping a watchful eye on our properties. We have been replacing a few wireless cameras with more reliable wired cameras because the batteries in wireless cameras seem to have a lifespan of about two or so weeks and if you’re on holidays for 3 weeks or on a business trip for two months, who is watching your home when the cameras run out of juice? This is where a good reliable wired camera system is the key.

We install cameras in all our client’s residential homes, holiday homes and workplaces. Restaurants, pubs and other hospitality venues have a requirement for cameras to help maintain a safe environment for all patrons. When the doorbell rings, Control4 door stations ring your mobile phone if no one answers in the home so you can speak to the visitor without them knowing you are not home. Security cameras takes a snapshot of the person at your door as soon as the doorbell rings and sends it to your phone. You can let them through your front gate to drop off a parcel without them entering the house. These features also helps with investigations and police will respond faster if they know you have a recording device installed.

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